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How To Choose Your Down Comforter Warmth Level

For warmer bedrooms and warmer sleepers, or on balmy summer nights with the windows open. To keep you warm with just a hint of goose down, we provide our lightest warmth down comforter.

Temperatures between 65 and 75 degrees are ideal (average to cold sleepers). Browse Ultra  Lightweight Comforters.

All-Year Use, Light Warmth: The Light Warmth is ideal for use year-round for Average to Warm Sleepers, giving a soft, comforting warmth and loft without being too heavy.

60–70 degrees Fahrenheit (for those who like to sleep warm) (average to cold sleepers). Browse Comforters with a Lighter Heat Level.

Winter Weight: The Winter Warmth is toasty and fluffy, making it a great All-Year-Round option for Average to Cold sleepers who like a touch more warmth and fluffiness in their Cool to Cold sleeping environments. Browse our all season collection.

Ideally, the temperature in your bedroom would be between 55 and 65 degrees, with 55 being ideal for those who sleep warm and 65 being ideal for those who sleep cool. Check out the entire collection of Winter Warmth down comforters.

The 95% European goose down comforter from super warm collections is very soft and cozy. On those bitterly cold evenings, this goose down blanket could be just what you need to curl up in a cloud of coziness.

These sheets are not suitable for warm sleepers. View the whole line of Ultra Warmth Winter bedding.